Best Sewing Machines 2015 – Buying Guide

The top sewing machines uncovered through my research and experience.

For a quick overview you can find below in the comparison chart the best sew machines for sale: (Note that thanks to Amazon you can also get secondhand sewing machines for sale for a lower price)

Singer 9960
Brother PC420PRW
Brother CS6000i
Janome 8077
Singer 7258
Amazon Singer 9960 thumbnail Amazon Brother PC420PRW thumbnail Amazon Brother CS6000i thumbnail Amazon Janome 8077 thumbnail Amazon Singer 7258 thumbnail
Price (estimated): $359 $369 $147 $349 $165
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Buying a sewing machine can be a big decision given the investment needed for some of these machines. It's best to inform yourself before deciding what machine to get. Perhaps you already have a good idea of what you're looking for. In that case take another look at the comparison chart that There are many different brands each featuring many different machines. The amount of choice can be a bit overwhelming. Fortunately you decided to find out more information first. After long and thorough research I can provide an overview for the best sewing machines that will fit your needs.

How to choose a sewing machine?

To help you with choosing the right sewing machine I've outlined a couple of nice guidelines:

Projects plans

What projects you decide to take on have a large impact on what machine would be the best choice. If you take on large and complex projects then computerized sewing machines would work great. For smaller projects and less intensive use an electronic machine would be a much better fit. With heavy fabrics a heavy duty sewing machine would be the obvious choice. Embroidery and decorations are much easier to do with sewing machines with embroidery feature.

Machine weight

A beginners sewing machine can be lightweight. Heavy sewing machines often require a solid place to stand on such as a special table for sewing machine. A light and portable sewing machine can be very useful if mobility is required.


Depending on how much you are willing to spend the cost of a sewing machine can play a large factor in what you can buy. The best for your needs won't have to be the same as the most expensive you get get. Set a budget and use that to buy not just the machine but all the other tools you need as well. Avoiding overspending is important especially as a beginner because it's harder to figure out exactly what you need.


Just like a car a sewing machine can break at some point or at least not function as it should. Then you can still get it repaired at a repair center for sewing machines. Fixing a broken machine can be quite a bit cheaper then getting a completely new one.

The capabilities of sewing machines

Some sewing machines are better suited for certain tasks than others. So if you're wonder which is the best sewing machine then the answer is it depends on what you're going to use it for. This may seem obvious but it's important to keep in mind when finding one that's works best for you. Here are some example in case you're not sure what tasks to think of:

  1. Sewing leather requires specific leather sewing machines to handle this material.
  2. Maybe you don't plan to use it often and you're looking for lightweight sewing machines to get some quick jobs done.
  3. Decorate with fabric with sewing machines that embroider

The speed of a machine is indicated by the stitches per minute (SPM). If you're working on larger projects more than 750 SPM is highly recommended. Many sewing machines have a large array of stitch patterns that you can pick from. This allows for a more unique flair. Adjustable speeds can help you to make your stitch work easier, especially for those difficult parts. Thread tension of the machine is important to get good stitches. Some machines can automatically adjust this while still allowing you to control it manually as well. However not all machine have this feature.

The different types of sewing machines

The sewing machines can be divided into 5 different categories. One of these is not really in use anymore in modern civilization. Here I help you figure out what category will be best for your specific needs. Check the descriptions below to find out more:


While this type falls under mechanical it's still run with electricity. These machines have no automatic tension control and as a result are more difficult to use. This makes this type not recommended for beginners. On the upside it does make it very cheap.


The electronic machines have more features than the mechanical variant. Most notably they have automatic tension control. Some of them can automatically cut the thread and even adjust the size of stich depending on the current project. Their ease of use and low prices make these machines ideal for the home user.


For the home tailer that wants more computerized sewing machines are a great choice. With their built-in computers they basically do all the work for you! On these machines are even small monitors to operate them. This makes it possible to easily create beautiful motifs.


To stitch edges of fabric you need an overlocker (a.k.a. serger). These machines stitch at a very high rate. The stitches provide special decoration and/or protection of the fabric from fraying.


Manual sewing machines aren't used as much anymore. They are considered antique and often used as decoration.

Maintenance of Sewing Machines

In order to maintain a sewing machine you'll need the following tools:

  1. Small lint brush: to remove lint buildup inside the machine these are often already included
  2. Screwdriver: to get to the parts that needs cleaning these can also be provided with the machine
  3. Sewing machine oil: light and clear type of oil, it is inexpensive and can be found at sewing shops
  4. Compressed air can: for removing lint from hard to reach parts

Before you start maintainance on a new machine take a look at the manual. These are usually easy to find and download these days.

Conclusion – What sewing machine should I buy?

How much are sewing machines going to cost All sewing machines are different and that will be reflected in the price. Cheap sewing machines for beginners are going to provide different features and performance than professional sewing machines.

If you just want the best of the best I can highly to check out the Singer 9960

If you're for the cheapest sewing machine and with decent perfomance I can recommend the Brother CS6000i